Caravan: 22-00942-2118

Price: 44.308,70 EUR
Available from: now

Technical Data

EZ: 2022

FAG 4500mm 2500kg GVW standard
Raise overrun brake 40mm
Anti-sway coupling up to 3000kg GVW
Stowage – ramp shaft
100 Kmh Tandem equipment up to 3000kg GVW
195/70R14C aluminum wheel cpl. conversion package single axle
ALKO Mammut drive tandem
OFFROAD TIRES 195R14C 106/104Q 8PR, M+S
4500x1900mm_IsoBoden40mm_2x Airline1
DESIGN exterior: wood look 3D inverted cladding
DESIGN ROOF ROOFED: Anthracite similar to RAL 7016
WINDOW 510x510mm FR
WINDOW 1000x510mm FR LEFT
WINDOW 1000x510mm FR RIGHT
WINDOW 1000x510mm FR RIGHT
WINDOW 1300x510mm in REAR CAP
DOOR approx. 1800x600mm FR right
REAR HATCH (opens upwards)
Insect screen 600x1800mm Door sizeColor anthracite
Insect screen 1900x2000mm PETERWAGEN
12 / 230Volt power package 01
Conversion battery 12V 100AH LITHIUM
Diesel parking heater in storage box large
12 Volt LED wall light with USB
P 450 LEE
Drop-down bed 1400x1900mm LxW; transversely installed at the rear
Folding bed 800x1900mm transversely installed
Shower: 90 degree tall unit version
Refrigerator Dometic RC 10.4T 70
Awning 4500mm

Net amount 37.234,20 EUR
Amount VAT 7.074,50 EUR
Total price 44.308,70 EUR

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